It is with great sadness that we inform you of the passing of Stefano Castelli. Stefano passed away totally unexpected on Friday 16 October 2020.

Stefano was a most valued member of ERNAPE. He was co-founder of the network and initiator and editor of the International Journal About Parents and Education, and above all a dear friend.

Our hearts and thoughts go out to his wife Michelle.

Stefano will be sorely missed.

Stefano Castelli has enriched us all in many ways with his academic and life wisdom. He was a skilled navigator and negotiator of personal and organizational transformations. Those who had the privilege of knowing him more closely may remember him as a truly versatile, generous mind and a “cool” person. 

His advice for coping with stress was to imagine yourself lying in a luxurious yacht slowly drifting away from the troubled land, dozing off into oblivion. Is it where he is now, totally relaxed? Are we left on the shore without his precious guidance. At least, we stay inspired and perhaps cheered up by his “cool” limericks. 

Stefano’s friends from Gdańsk (written on our behalf by Adam Jagiełło Rusiłowski) 

We have lost one of our most important members, Stefano Castelli. He was co-founder of ERNAPE (1994) and sat up and edited IJPE (International Journey of Parents in Education) 2020 12 numbers.

Stefano was a multi-talented person. He was a quiet but sharp and strict researcher, stressed the quality of both research and of writing and of the aim of our research in the network, which means that he emphasized that the science we referred to or were involved in were not simply to set up networks among the partners but focus on the difficulties at various levels.

“…. Is parental involvement a value in itself, or is it simply a tool to reach educational goals? I feel this dichotomy marks a fundamental difference in approaching the field of Home-School-Community Partnership…”(Reflections on next conference theme. Jan. 2020)

He was personally a humoristic and creative person. He made small funny drawing to his limericks which he edited a book of “C´era un grasso signore di Asti”. Libri di EMIL. He was physically active, wandering, climbing, sailing. Indeed challenging himself .

Birte Ravn

Stefano Castelli’s professional background

Stefano Castelli, Diploma in Oriental Studies (Hindi), MA in Philosophy, Post-graduate specialization in Social Psychology, PhD in Psychology, was an associate professor of Work and Organisational Psychology at the Department of Psychology of the University of Milano-Bicocca.

A Chartered Psychologist and Psychotherapist, he had joined the Academy after a long professional and entrepreneurial experience as a management consultant in large multinational companies, where he acted also as a trainer for managerial education. His work focused mainly on alternative dispute resolution, organisational re-engineering and managerial training in both public and privately owned organisations, with a special interest for merge & acquisitions. He has been extensively lecturing in Canada, USA, South America and in many European States.

Active in ERNAPE since the very early days, he served as President in 2011-2013, organised the Milano conference in 2011 and was the founder of the International Journal about Parents in Education (the IJPE). In the field of Home School Community Partnership his main research interests was on teachers’ stress, on integration of migrants, and on the ethical and epistemological foundations of this Partnership. He favoured mixed-method studies, where quantitative techniques mingle together with statistical analysis of textual data and other qualitative approaches. He has done field work with street children in Guatemala and India.

Continuing an early interest for Indian cultures and for their interconnections with current neoliberal trends, his most recent publications include the curatorship of Yoga, teoria e pratica (Yoga, theory and practice), 28 voll. Milano: RCS/Corriere della Sera, 2017-2018, probably the most extensive work ever published in the subject.