How to submit a proposal

Participants are invited to hand in proposals for the conference. The conference language is English and all proposals must be in English. The proposal should be maximum 350 words + references and include the following:

  • Title of proposal
  • Authors(s) of proposal including affiliations and email addresses
  • The topic where you feel that your abstract will best fit
  • General description on research questions, objectives and theoretical framework
  • Methods/methodology (if applicable)
  • Expected outcomes/results
  • References

It is not possible to include tables or graphs in the submission form.

You need to indicate all contributing authors along with their affiliations and email addresses, and to specify who will be presenting. Fill in this information carefully; mis-spellings and missing email addresses may mean that co-authors are not correctly linked to all their contributions.

If you have any questions, please contact

Online submission of proposals will be open between:
October 1st 2020 and April 1st 2021