ERNAPE - European Research Network About Parents in Education


Proposal submissions

ERNAPE and Radboud University Nijmegen invite all interested researchers to submit proposals for ERNAPE-Nijmegen, the European Research Network About Parents in Education Conference in 2022.

We welcome proposals that relate to the main conference theme, and we also welcome proposals for contributions on all topics relevant for ERNAPE. 

Online submission of proposals is open between 1 December 2021 and 10 March 2022.

ERNAPE-Nijmegen welcomes the following formats of presentations:

  • Paper sessions
  • Poster sessions
  • Symposia

Participants are invited to hand in abstracts for papers, posters and symposia. More details on how to submit an abstract for papers, posters and symposia is described below the sumbit buttons.

In the abstract submission the author will be asked to specify to which topic at ERNAPE-Nijmegen the author wants to present the paper. The scientific committee does, however, reserve the right to assign papers to the different sessions as it best sees fit.

Online submission of proposals will be open between:
1 December 2021 – 10 March 2022

Submit your proposal here:

Paper sessions

Paper sessions are 20 minutes in total for each paper. Each presentation consist of oral presentations that last approximately 10 – 15 minutes followed by 5 – 10 minutes for questions. Paper presentations will be scheduled in 90 minute sessions which will normally include four papers on similar topics (in sessions with three papers, the time for each paper will be 25 minutes). There will be a chairperson for each session who will take care of time and manage discussion. The chair person is nominated by ERNAPE-Nijmegen.

Poster sessions

Posters are graphical presentations which will be displayed during the whole conference and presented in a special Poster Session. Presenters will be asked to be available at the Poster session to answer questions from other conference delegates. Posters should be prepared for the Conference in A1/portrait (upright).


Symposia consist of a 90 minute session organised by the submitters. A symposium session includes 3 – 5 papers plus a Discussant. The symposium needs to be handed in as one submission with a description of the symposium (500 words) and a list of all abstracts for all papers linked to it (200 word abstract per paper). The proposer must appoint a chairperson and a discussant and these must be named in the proposal. The discussant’s role is to read all abstracts ahead of the symposium and offer a critique of the symposium as a whole.

Full papers

ERNAPE-Nijmegen invites participants to submit full papers to be reviewed for publication in The International Journal about Parents in Education (IJPE). Full papers will also be presented in the paper sessions and symposia.