Euro­pean Research Net­work About Par­ents in Edu­ca­tion

In October 1993, with financial support from the European Commission, a group of researchers working in the field of parents in education in different parts of Europe met in Glasgow to discuss how to increase contact across Europe, exchange knowledge of research developments in Europe and stimulate research about parents in education at all levels, including intercultural European research. The group decided to establish ERNAPE – European Research Network About Parents in Education. The term “parents in education” embraces parents’ relationship to school systems as well as parents’ and families’ contributions to children’s learning outside of school.

The main purposes of ERNAPE are information exchange between researchers and organisations, research collaboration, providing arenas for analysis and reflection on parents in education, stimulating awareness of the field of parents in education among researchers, educational authorities and stakeholders, including parents themselves, and supporting young researchers in the field of parents in education.

ERNAPE is relevant to anyone researching in the areas of education, educational administration, educational psychology, educational sociology and related disciplines and also for parents, teachers and their organisations. ERNAPE is an independent body, not tied to any political, religious or other ideological groups.

The first conference was held in Copenhagen in 1996, and in 2015 we celebrate the 10th ERNAPE conference.