ERNAPE - European Research Network About Parents in Education

Lisboa 2013

9th International Conference

4th – 6th September 2013

Families, Schools and Communities: Learn from the past, review the present, prepare for a future with equity

University of Lisboa

Lisboa, Portugal

Conference call

Twenty years have passed since a few European researchers on Parental-Involvement and Home-School-Communities relations gathered together in Faro (Portugal) with researchers from the United States of America to discuss their common interests in the First European Roundtable on Schools, Families, Communities, and Children´s Learning (1993).

Then, in Denmark (1996), a further step took place: the European Research Network about Parents in Education (ERNAPE) was born and the 1st ERNAPE Conference was held in Copenhagen. The 2nd Conference took place in Rotterdam (1999) and, since then, it has become biannual: Amsterdam (2001), Gdansk (2003), Oviedo (2005), Nicosia (2007), Malmoe (2009) and Milano (2011).

Now, it is time for Portugal again. The 9th ERNAPE Conference will take place in Lisbon (2013).

ERNAPE conferences are organized by the ERNAPE network and give the opportunity to scholars, researchers, policy makers, practitioners, parents and representatives of Parents’ Associations from all around the world to contribute to the exchange and discussion of methods, strategies and experiences in the field of Parents in Education.

The organizers of the ninth ERNAPE Conference will invite and welcome the participants who would like to present and debate research results and experiences about “Families, Schools, Communities: Learn from the past, re-think the present and prepare for a future with equity”.

The conference will be held at the University of Lisboa – Institute of Education, Lisbon, Portugal

Areas of interest

Themes of the Conference

With the reference to the field of Home-School-Community relationships, and focusing on the perspectives of learning from the past, re-thinking the present and preparing for a future with more equity, the following themes have been selected:

  1. Family-school relationships/partnerships for social and educational inclusion, equity and justice
  2. Critical lessons from implementation of practices
  3. Methodological issues in research : evaluation of implementation of research methods
  4. Training families, schools and communities for productive learning partnerships
  5. The challenging role of families, schools and communities as exceptional children’s educators
  6. Cultural and social diversities: how to deal with them?
  7. Bullying: can families, schools and communities work together to raise confident teenagers?


Conference president:

Maria Adelina Villas-Boas


Ramiro Marques

Pedro Silva

Scientific Committee:

Eddie Denessen, Miriam David, Don Davies, Rolland Deslandes, Gunilla G. Johansson, Margaretha Kristoffersson ,Raquel-Amaya Martinez-Gonzales, Maria Mendel, Helena Phtiaka, Michelle Pieri, Birte Ravn, Frederick Smit, Loizos Symeou, Kees van der Wolf.

Local Scientific Committee:

Ana Paula Caetano, Ana Diogo, Eduarda Duarte, Teresa Sarmento